Saving is the right starting point for the right financial destination. We offer formal savings services designed to accommodate irregular income and irregular savings to help low-income and economically active save for future while working to earn a better livelihood today. An earnest attempt to deepen our outreach and expand savings services to low-income and economically active people in Somalia.


Key Features

  • flexibility to save in small and irregular amounts
  • Quick access to your money for unexpected emergencies
  • Access to conveniently located branches
  • Access to SMS, Mobile and POS-Agent banking
  • Access to automatic transfer from current account
  • Access to modern banking services and quality customer service
  • Access to formal and secure saving mechanism
  • Access to interest free Microfinance and Micro-grant
  • Access to basic financial education and entrepreneurship training



  • No account opening fees
  • No Monthly maintenance fees or transaction fees
  • Low minimum balance required
  • Discipline and delayed gratification required
  • Personal Identification documents required