A Partnership program between Amal Bank and development organizations and donors to increase youth and women micro-enterprise development. The program integrates vocational/entrepreneurship training and micro-grants to transform competitive and creative business ideas into reality.


How Micro Grants Work

  • Generous supporters and donors provide funds.
  • Our partner agencies recommend their best qualified clients as possible grant recipients.
  • Amal Bank reviews grant applications and initiates the financial inclusion and education.
  • Amal Bank disburses grants of $200 to $2000 to qualified recipients and oversee the use of the grants.


  • Successful completion of entrepreneurship training, vocational training or apprenticeship
  • Successful completion of financial education program
  • Sound business plan with proposed budget
  • An active account with Amal Bank
  • Intensive supervision and field visits from Amal Bank
  • A $5 minimum monthly savings contribution required