About Amal Bank

Welcome to Amal Bank, we are glad you are here. Amal Bank is a modern Islamic bank that offers a wide range of financial products and services in Retail, Corporate, Institutional, Diaspora and Microfinance Banking. Based in Garowe and Mogadishu, Somalia. Amal Bank aims to be a leader in the financial services sector in the Horn of Africa through innovative, customized and shariah compliant financial products and services. The Bank is fully owned by Amal Group, a diversified global company that operates in various sectors: Microfinance, Money Transfer, Forex-exchange, Real Estate, Trade and Energy.

Our vision is to be:

“The leading Islamic Bank in the horn of Africa.”

Our mission is to be:

“The Bank of choice for retail and corporate customers by offering innovative,
customized and Shariah compliant financial products and services reliably,
conveniently and profitably.”

At Amal Bank we offer financial products and services that add value to our customers lives, put simply, our mission is to help our customers realize their financial future no matter how big or small. Our financial products and services are innovative and customer-centric—as our customers’ needs change and grow, we can provide them with a full range of solutions that fit their life. We reliably and conveniently offer a broad range of Islamic financial products and services through in-person delivery channels (Wide Branch and Agent Networks, ATMS, Call Centers) and complementary digital channels (Online, Mobile and SMS).

The Bank commenced operations in 1998 by offering Amanah (limited deposit and withdrawal transactions). Today, Amal Bank is a well-capitalized Islamic bank with modern and convenient branches in urban and remote areas of Somalia to allow our customers easy access to financial services. We have friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and reliable staff, competent and experienced Board of Directors and experienced and time-tested management.

Core Values

Every great relationship begins with a strong foundation based on trust, shared values and priorities, we are a local Islamic Bank and we believe in:

  • Understanding our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Customized personal and business solutions—tailor-made financial products and services to meet the financial
    needs of our customers
  • Unique customer services—customer-centric banking and positive experiences for every customer, every day
  • Shariah compliance—banking model and products based on principles of shariah
  • Integrity and transparency—doing things as we agreed to do them, doing things when we agreed to do them,
    and doing things how we agreed to them
  • Mutual benefit—creating value for our shareholders, customers and local community

 Our Unique Value Proposition